About Us

Blackbird Communications was founded in  2003 with a focus on new media and entertainment. Over the years, our  vision of a converging world of technology has continued to near. This convergence along with the advent of social media has changed the game for many companies and industries. The lines between marketing, sales and entertainment can be difficult to define. Our expertise is in helping companies of all size integrate and understand the latest technology today, while maintaining a competitive edge for tomorrow. With veteran analysts from such diverse areas as sales and marketing, IT and design, our team can help with any of your business needs.



Jim Stroud, Principal Analyst

Jim Stroud’s views are consistently sought by entertainment and technology media and he is regularly quoted in publications and web sites such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Worth, Investor’s Business Daily, Wired, CBS, Marketwatch, MSNBC, The Denver Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Cable World, Electronic Media, Broadcasting and Cable, among dozens of others. Mr. Stroud has also been a featured analyst on such television and radio programs and channels as CNN’s Moneyline, PBS’s News Hour with Jim Lehrer, TechTV, NPR, and CNET Radio.

Mr. Stroud’s twenty year career in marketing, sales, technology, and entertainment began with Great Western Directories (which is now known as Worldpages.com), where he focused on creating ad campaigns for new markets. A former literature major at West Texas State University, Mr. Stroud was also Senior Analyst and Editor for The Carmel Group, a leading market research firm. At The Carmel Group, Mr. Stroud edited the company’s three regular publications and his insightful analysis provided clients with cutting edge information to help them thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Mr. Stroud also spent 6 years as a First Vice President of Investments with Wells Fargo.

Mr. Stroud also was the foundation speaker at the University of Southern California’s prestigious Annenberg School of Communications’ “Covering Entertainment in the Digital Age” forum.

Email: jim@blackbirdcommunications.com


Barrett Bunn, Analyst: Information Technology

Barrett Bunn has over 25 years of experience with all computing platforms. His expertise lies in translating the ever changing world of technology into financial performance. By taking the complex and making it simple, Mr. Bunn not only helps the bottom line but will help you understand what is important when creating a comprehensive tech strategy.

Email: barrett@blackbirdcommunications.com

Roger Knox, Analyst: Design and Marketing

Mr. Knox has over 25 years of professional experience in commercial and fine arts. His experience includes positions as art director, graphic designer, illustrator, production artist and production manager for various advertising agencies, design studios, publishers and manufacturers.

His print experience includes the design and illustration of book covers, ads, packaging, posters, catalogs, postcards, identity programs and marketing collateral such as data sheets, newsletters and brochures in fields as diverse as education, high-tech, health care and various non-profits. His approach to design is simple: Communicate honestly and clearly. Good relationships foster good work. Have fun.

Email: roger@blackbirdcommunications.com


Leah Casey, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Ms. Casey is our on-staff project management specialist and has experience managing successful projects for a wide variety of entities including city, county, and state governmental agencies, non-profit, consultancies and technology companies.  Her passion is meeting and exceeding both deadlines and expectations for projects. Her skills include research for best practices and initiatives, public health legislative analysis, creative alternative solutions to budget constraints, strategic planning in HR, customer service, and technology.

Email: leah@blackbirdcommunications.com