Sales Training

The vast majority of sales training does not succeed because the training focuses on many irrelevant  tasks and inefficient tasks. Blackbird Communications’ focus is sales efficiency. Simply put, the more time your sales force spends in front of qualified prospects, the more sales will close. We work with your sales force to develop a fully customized and flexible sales system that drives real sales growth. Unfortunately, many salespeople technology use makes them inefficient, our sales system teaches salespeople on how to use technology to increase efficiency. At the end of the training, your sales team will have a system in place that provides accountability and focuses on the two most important factors for sales success: the client’s needs and the salesperson’s activities. Our system should be flexible enough to use for years and help all of your sales force.

A sales training engagement typically takes two days. The first day, a Blackbird representative will spend observing your sales force and asking questions. The second day is spent with your sales force to build a system for sales and to gather knowledge about your client. If you know your potential client and their needs better than your competition, you will get the sale. There is typically a four step process in sales process: Qualification, Presentation, Close, Account Management. Each one of these steps provide a unique challenge to sales people. In fact, Many sales people may excel at just one or two of these. If we can increase their efficiency in just a couple of these areas, your sales and your client’s satisfaction will increase dramatically. For a customized quote to help your business, please contact us.

We have successfully built training systems for industries as diverse as nutritional supplements to financial advising. If you would like to see a sample of a system that we have built, please contact us.