Competitive Research

Independent research is the foundation upon which Blackbird Communications was built. Our analysts focus on delivering the best, most relevant information to our clients. Blackbird’s final research product will be cutting edge and deliver independent thought and information that allows our clients to make the best decision given current and future market conditions.

Types of competitive research:


Competitive Analysis

Traditional S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis has been the standard business consulting method for years. However, recent analysis has brought the effectiveness of S.W.O.T. underfire. As a consultancy, Blackbird understands it is not only important to analyze all of the issues, but also provide a clear path to the implementation of solutions. Our competitive analysis is designed to be used throughout your planning process, not like many S.W.O.T. which are simply information dumps.


Internet Marketing Reviews

Blackbird’s proprietary Internet Marketing review service looks at all aspect of our clients web presence and ranks them on a scale of one to ten. Our final report will show where our clients have a competitive advantage and where there is room for improvement. The following aspects (if applicable) are all rated:

  • Website
    • Design
    • Ease of use (Navigation)
    • Functionality
    • Search
    • E-commerce
    • URL
    • SEO
    • Traffic
    • Branding
    • Support
    • Contact Information
    • Multimedia
  • Social Media
    • Integration with site
    • Strategy
    • Demographics
  • Online Advertising
    • Placement
    • Product
    • Strategy


Product Strategy and Forecasting (Pre- or Post-Launch)

Our forecasting model is a proprietary system that is modified specifically for your product. There are typically three outputs of our projections. The first is a “fast” scenario which assumes positive market conditions for your product. The second is a “slow” scenario which assumes a more conservative market reception. The final projection, based upon an included competitive analysis, is a “likely” scenario which is what we think is the most likely outcome for growth.

Blackbird Communications can help you answer the following questions:

  • What recent economic events could impact our market?
  • What competitors could launch a product/strategy that might take away marketshare?
  • What future events could impact our market, both positively and negatively?
  • How big is the market and what percentage of that market could your product capture?