White Papers

The power of a well-written and researched white paper is undeniable. Not only can it position your company as a thought leader, it can also drive sales. Many white papers are written in a very technical way that bores the readers, so our writers focus on innovative writing and design that both educate and entertain your target market. Because today’s executives are bombarded with with news and social media from all angles, a white paper must instantly appeal to your target. If your ultimate goal is for  high level executives to read your paper, and you want that white paper to generate results, follow this simple rule: Use technical experts for input, and employ a competent writer to turn your highly technical information into interesting, readable content that will be clearly understood by both the technical and non-technical. Our unique process is divided in to four parts:

  1. Identify the target market (executives, press, etc…)
  2. Establish the core message
  3. Identify key competitive advantages
  4. Write and design the white paper

The success of a white paper is determined long before the first word is written. It is critical to follow these steps to have a successful white paper. This system helps us focus on what you want the white paper to accomplish for your business and speeds up our production. In many cases, we can complete a white paper within a week.

Types of white papers available:

  • Solution Education
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Thought Leader (Visionary)
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Testimonials

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