Business Plans

Producing an effective and persuasive business plan can be a difficult process. Many times a business plan is an after-thought to all of the other  business related activities that are involved in beginning a business or launching a product. In our experience, those businesses that take the time to clearly define their market and their products and services through a business plan are much more successful than those that do not. Therefore, business plans should be given the same time and effort as the other aspects of business. Most funded business plans  are successful because of the pre-planning that is involved before the writing takes place. A plan’s structure and presentation can be as important as its content, the plan must flow logically and build upon each relevant point. Blackbird uses simple, direct language that helps prospective investors and funders understand your vision. In our pre-writing meetings with you, we will determine:
  • Who your audience is
  • Why they should invest
  • How the company will execute its plan
  • Detail how specific goals will be set and met
  • Determine who within the company is in charge of each aspect of business
  • Project future revenues and potential hazards to growth and how to overcome them


If you have already written your plan, Blackbird will review your business plan on the following:

  • Does your plan make a compelling case for your business?
  • Is the information organized in a logical, thoughtful manner?
  • Are your projections realistic?
  • Have you accurately apprised your competition?
  • Is the writing (grammar, misspellings, etc.) professional?
  • Does the design of the plan help its message?


Please contact us for a customized quote for your business plan needs.