Named by Electronic Media Magazine (now TV Week) as one of the ten media and entertainment leaders of tomorrow because of his in-depth knowledge of the interactive TV market, Blackbird Communications’ founder Jim Stroud is widely recognized as an authority in the field. Digital video recorders (DVRs), video-on-demand (VOD), product placement advertising, and tv customization are all technologies that are affecting entertainment today. For the most timely and visionary research in the field, Blackbird Communications is the place to look.
Having been promised to consumers for years, High Definition Television (HDTV) is finally a reality to most Americans. With millions of sets sold and thousands of channels (including affiliates) broadcasting or streamed in HD, HDTV has become the preferred way to watch video. With numerous HDTV studies under its belt, Blackbird Communications can provide timely and accurate research for anyone interested in knowing the HDTV marketplace.
Long looked at as an after-thought in the entertainment industry, video games have come of age. With years of revenue that has outpaced the entire U.S. box office, video games are now an entertainment powerhouse. With three large companies supplying next-generation consoles and mobile phones making games available to virtually everyone, the future appears brighter than ever for the video game industry. Let Blackbird Communications help with all of your video game research needs.
Today’s cable companies hardly resemble those of just a few years ago. With new technologies such as video-on-demand (VOD), broadband, high definition television (HDTV), and telephony, cable has become the one-stop shop for a consumer that wants all of these services. Blackbird Communications consulting services are a perfect fit for any company who needs to know what the future holds for the multi-channel video world. On the other hand, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) has gone from an unproven concept to a force in the telecommunications marketplace. Providing cable with its first real competition, DBS has flourished in recent years surpassing the 30 million subscriber plateau. With years of experience closely monitoring satellite developments, Blackbird Communications is the source for quality insights, reports and analysis regarding the satellite television field.
Social Media has redefined how people use the Internet. Companies that do not fully understand the capabilities of social media will fall behind. It is crucial not just to understand social media, but to leverage it to maximize your company’s growth. Whether your business wants to touch consumers through social media or create an internal network to maximize your relationships both with your own employees and your business partners, Blackbird Communications can help you.